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Know the different types of champagne

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Know the different types of champagne

A few weeks ago we published an article about wine tasting. On this occasion we have chosen another of those great delights that gives a special touch and charm to Christmas… Champagne! An option for those special moments, especially with the imminent New Year’s Eve party just around the corner.

Champagne is, without doubt, the most distinguished of sparkling wines and if you choose an acclaimed Moët Chandon Champagne, a prestigious Dom Perignon or any of the most delicious and varied brands of champagne, your New Year’s Eve dinner and the subsequent New Year’s Eve lucky grapes will be incredible according to https://ajsmuskego.com/.

Classification of champagne vines

The vines can be classified as white or red, among which the Chardonnay would constitute the white vine, whilst Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier would correspond to the red vines.

Types of Champagne

a) Cremants: The grape is harvested by hand and without ever exceeding the quantity set by the AOC. To mature, they need between nine to twelve months.

b) Blanc de Blancs: Made from white grapes, for this reason it is made with white Chardonnay vines only.

c) Blanc de Noirs: In this case, it is about Champagnes made with red vines. There are a great number of these types of champagnes that are made with Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier vines.

d) Millesimes: This is about those champagnes that come from a good year and have subsequently been aged by being left to rest in their casks for a minimum period of three years.

e) Vintages: These come from the same year and harvest and are not mixed. Many of these champagnes are “millesimados”.

f) Crucs (Raw Champagnes): These are champagnes that come from very high quality plots or vineyards due to their position, excellent vines and grapes.

Let’s taste a champagne

We are going to make the most of this publication to carry out a Champagne tasting. To do this, we have opted for a magnificent Pommery Brut Royal. It is an excellent example from the French region of Reims and produced from Chardonnay vines.

At the visual stage we can see a golden yellow color with very light green tones.

At the aroma stage, we notice a real intense bouquet with very rich floral blends and a backbone of perhaps ripe apple.

As for the taste, it is a flavourful, creamy champagne. It has a smooth, refined and lasting effervesce.

We get a slight taste of candied fruit with hints of spice and a slightly bitter touch.

It has a long, prolonged aftertaste.

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