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5 typical foods from Argentina, the country that won the 2022 World Cup, are similar to food in Indonesia

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5 typical foods from Argentina, the country that won the 2022 World Cup, are similar to food in Indonesia

Argentina won the 2022 World Cup, beating France. His victory was welcomed happily by Argentine citizens as well as Lionel Messi fans.

But did you know that some typical Argentinian foods are similar to Indonesian. Like Panada with almost the same name. Curious? Check out the article below according to https://orbakers.com/.

1. Empanadas

If in Indonesia we know Panada, a typical Manadonese food, in Argentina there are also Empanadas which have almost the same shape and character of the filling. In Argentina, Empanadas are a very popular market snack.

Even empanadas are part of typical Argentinian food. This culinary dish has a shape like pastels in general, but has a harder texture.

If the pastel is filled with vegetables and a mixture of delicious meat pieces. However, in general, the fillings of Empanadas are sweet corn, chicken, cheese and ham. This stuffing is not always the case, some people will create it with other ingredients.

2. Choripan

Apart from Empanadas, there is also a food called Choripan. However, the shape is like meat-filled bread which is often found in Indonesia. However, the names are different due to cultural influences and language styles.

This food is shaped like a hot dog, which in this case is made from bread with very crispy skin. Usually, Choripan filling consists of grilled onions, sausage, lettuce and pickles.

Some of these Choripan are filled with sliced pork. However, for those of you who are Muslim, make sure to ask the seller about this if you meet a Choripan trader in Argentina.

3. Milanese

This typical Argentinian food is actually inspired by typical culinary delights, which are also often found in the Italian region. Minalesa itself is a food in the form of steak and prepared with bread flour.

The texture of Milanesa food is very crispy, like the crispy chicken in Indonesia. This variation of Minalesa is a la napolita, which is a food with the addition of fried eggs, tomato sauce and cheese in it. Guaranteed delicious mamamiaos.

4. Asado

Apart from the three foods above, there is also Asado which is classified as a typical Argentinian food. This food is often served when people are gathering with family or loved ones.

As a complement, Argebtine people usually make Asado with additional accompaniments served with chicken, pork and beef.

In several regular restaurants, Asado is also often offered with another menu called Parrilada. This parrilada itself is a smaller grill set that uses coal.

5. Provoleta

When serving Asado, Argentines usually accompany it with another typical food, which in this case is provoleta. This dish has an appearance similar to melted cheese.

Judging from the presentation, this provoleta will be a complementary companion to a cut of meat. In general, this special food is made from goat’s or cow’s milk, which is baked and then wrapped in aluminum foil and then sprinkled with oregano as a natural flavoring that creates a fragrant aroma.

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