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Advantages of Studying Information Technology

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1. The Huge Variety of Career Options

IT is not only the number one skill employers look for, but it’s also one of the few practical skills that are useful in a huge variety of careers. Some of the more obvious IT-based careers include data analysis, web development and software engineering, all of which offer average to high pay and are always in demand, so you definitely won’t struggle to find a job.

However, as most businesses use computers https://www.tencon2022.org/ these days, IT skills are also required for many jobs you might not have ever thought of. From medical receptionists who need to be able to use online appointment booking systems, to project managers in retail businesses who use spreadsheets daily to keep track of projects, knowing your way around computers is a must. If you know a bit about computer systems and different programs, your skills will never be redundant no matter what career sector you work in. Marketing and advertising, for example, is a hugely profitable career, and with so much business carried out online nowadays, it should come as no surprise that having knowledge of information systems can help you stand out as a potential employee.

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2. The Opportunity to Work Remotely

As well as offering you plenty of career options, IT skills give you the opportunity to choose a flexible career which fits around your lifestyle. One of the many advantages that IT professionals can take advantage of is the opportunity to travel. With computer-based careers such as an IT support technician, digital marketing manager or SEO content writer, you can work remotely for companies around the globe and enjoy the freedom of flexible working. Depending on your role and current commitments, there is also often the opportunity to pick up more or less work as and when you need it, so you can fit your work schedule around any other

3. Gaining the Skills to Progress in Hobbies


s not just the variety of career paths you can enjoy when you study information technology. Your leisure time can be greatly improved, too! You’ll get the know-how to find things out quickly through search engines such as Google, organise your personal or professional life through online calendars or spreadsheets and even build your own business.

If you like to be creative, then you can learn how to build your own blog or Etsy profile to share your written, artistic or crafty creations with the world. Social media is also a skill many disregard as being purely social, but being able to use social media to advertise your business is essential.

If you aren’t confident in IT but are looking to study something else at university, then gaining an IT qualification can help you with research skills and general computing to help make those assignments just a little bit easier. For the super tech-savvy gamers, learning more about game development can even mean you get to turn your hobby into your dream career!


Practical, Hands-On Learning

Unlike many other courses, information technology is primarily a practical course. Rather than writing essays or learning about theories, you get hands-on practice constantly during your studies. Many courses might allow certain practical sessions such as placement options, but with information technology, all of the practical learning is at your fingertips whether with computers at your local college or by using your own laptop for your online course. You can practice what you’ve learned anytime you want, and test your skills on the go with an increase in mobile technology from smartphones to tablets.

5. Financial Benefits

A lot of jobs in IT can reap huge financial rewards, with the average salary for a digital marketing manager, for example, being £42,500 a year. Although these salaries vary depending on position, experience and the sector you are working in, you can earn a decent wage whether you are a web developer or work in health care. For example, for an IT technician, an average salary is £29,000 annually, whereas a cyber security specialist earns an average of £62,500 per year. Although it’s not all about the money, it can be great to have the opportunity to be a high earner in a career you love.

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