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Evolution Finally Launches the Much-Anticipated Asian Game Fan Tan

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We previously reported in our articles that Fan Tan would be published this year, upon learning Evolution’s release schedule. Well, that day has finally arrived.

The developer made a public declaration on September 15th that Fan Tan had commenced operations across all of its operator partners. Finally, participants from every corner of the world can participate in the Asian bead game of chance at any Evolution-powered online casino. Regarding it, let us hear what the developer had to say.

Fan Tan Is At Last Available!
It goes without saying that Evolution endeavors ceaselessly to be at the vanguard of innovation and excitement, and that it acquires Live Casino games that are ipl win popular throughout the world. The developer has released numerous games that depict various cultures and are even accessible in multiple languages, in order to appeal to the intended audience. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that as soon as we become aware of rumors regarding the studio releasing a new game, we do everything possible to obtain additional information. That is how we obtained early information on Fan Tan’s gameplay and visuals two months ago. However, we are pleased to inform you that the game has now become available for play in all Evolution-powered casinos. Regardless of which casino you have joined that offers games by the industry-leading Live Casino games developer, you will be able to access it officially. Are you prepared to play this refreshing new game? Initially, remain with us to discover what we currently know about it.

Evolution declared the official release of the ancient Asian game of chance on September 15th. Fan Tan, as the developer described it in the statement, is set in a stunning studio, and based on the repeated division of beads.

The majority of the game’s design and features were discussed in our previous post, which was published two months ago. To summarize, the dealer separates these beads, which are initially encased in a glass dome, using a metal cup during the wagering period. The dealer then sorts each of the randomly selected beads into lines of four utilizing a special stick. All the beads are arranged in a line in the center of the wagering table, with the exception of the final bead, which remains. The objective would be to accurately calculate the quantity of pearls that remain.

On the New Game, Evolution’s Opinions.
Todd Haushalter, chief product officer of Evolution, stated in an official statement issued on September 15 that the game in question was an ancient Asian classic that had been largely neglected, but the studio wished to pay homage to it with Fan Tan’s modern and fresh Live Dealers version.

According to Haushalter, the developer of Live Fan Tan intended to introduce the game to an entirely new generation of players with its release, as it was an exceptional way to entertain baccarat enthusiasts seeking an alternative to their favorite game.

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